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Travel on a road Moscow - Siberia - Vladivostok.

Moscow and Sankt Petersburg are the most known cities of Russia. But if you love extreme adventures, if you are not afraid of difficulties and wish to see original Russia that probably you will involve the Trans-Siberian route.
Interactive Russian and Trans-Siberian road map.

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Trans-Siberian route of Russia.

The territory of Russia is huge. Till last years the through highway from the West to the east of Russia did not exist. But now the road is already constructed. Many fans of travel have already overcome this route on cars and motorcycles. It has appeared not so difficultly as it seems. For example in 2003 magazine "Za Rulem" has organised a trip on a route Moscow - Vladivostok on usual cars. All cars have overcome a route long in 10500 kilometres for 25 days without serious incidents. On this route fans of travel will receive a considerable quantity of remembered impressions. Hilly plain of the European part replace tremendous beauty of mountain of Southern Ural Mountains, then - infinite, but in own way bewitching steppes and bogs of Tyumen. Direct as an arrow the road is replaced by a twisting streamer. It is impossible to describe words tremendous hills between which the road is twisted on territory of all Far East.

Moscow - Chelyabinsk.

The European part of Russia of difficulties for travellers does not represent. It is necessary for you to leave Moscow on highway M5 "Ural" Moscow - Chelyabinsk. Extent of a highway of 1885 kilometres. The condition of a road covering on different sites of a line is replaced from good to rather bad. The city of Kolomna is necessary for going round from the north, the city of Ryazan – from the southwest. But probably you want to visit these Russian cities. Refuellings, points of car repairs and repair of automobile tyres workshops are in each settlement. Along road there is a set of round-the-clock cafes.
After Ryazan it is necessary to pass the city of Shatsk. Then the highway goes in Mrdovija. On this site of a line the settlement Umet in which roadside service (shops, hotels, the market, service before has been well developed) used popularity.
Further it is necessary for you to define a route, namely a place where you will cross the river Volga. In connection with repair of a dam of power station skilled travellers recommended to go round this site. It is offered two variants.
1. Road through the city of Ulyanovsk (V.I.Lenin's native land) ger your route longer on 445 kilometres. On 458 kilometre of a line on departure from settlement Kargal it is necessary to turn on the left, on the city of Torbeevo, then the cities of Krasnoslobodsk, Saransk and Ulyanovsk and there to cross Volga. It is a convenient detour of a dam of the Volga power station. The dam long time was under repair also journey has been complicated.
2. Probably for economy of time it is more convenient to use the ferry. The ferry plies between settlement Usolye and a city of Tolyatti. Turn to it on 829th km on the city of Shigony, further to Usolye and to Tolyatti.
After the city of Samara a condition of a road covering of highway M5 "Ural" worsen. From the city of Samara to a city Oktjabrsk – 284 km. Becomes gasoline stations less. It is not enough places for a lodging for the night and a food.

Chelyabinsk - Novosibirsk.

Sign Europe Asia on border of Europe and Asia about the city of Pervouralsk.

Highway N51 "Baikal" (Chelyabinsk - Kurgan - Petropavlovsk - Omsk - Novosibirsk). Extent of a line of 1528 kilometres.
But again it is necessary to specify a route. If to move on road M51 it is necessary to cross twice border with Kazakhstan. Frontier crossing can demand from you to spend a lot of time. If visiting of Kazakhstan is not included into your plans that better to change a route.
There are some variants.
1. You can lay a route through settlements Krasnoufimsk, Achit, Pervouralsk, Ekaterinburg and Tyumen. For this purpose having passed settlement This, through 16 km turn on the left on the left, on Krasnoufimsk. The picturesque road goes along the Ural mountain ridge. Liftings and descents smooth, congestion of road the minimum. Cafes, parking, mounting and automobile repair shops meet often enough.
2. The second route lies through the cities of Chelyabinsks and Ekaterinburg. Some sites of this line have long liftings and descents from mountains. Therefore it is better not to choose this route in the winter. Road from Chelyabinsk to Ekaterinburg of 234 km this good highway with good service.
3. The third variant – having passed Chelyabinsk, to go on the Barrow and further to Tyumen. The road good and not too loaded by cars allows to hold high enough speed.
From Omsk to Novosibirsk of equal road of 650 kilometres. Settlements hardly aside, and that it is a little. Intensity of movement the low. The cafe and gasoline stations meet infrequently.

Novosibirsk - Irkutsk.

Federal highway M-53 Novosibirsk — Irkutsk (extent of 1860 km).
After Novosibirsk the road "Baikal" changes the designation on M53. Following 300 km from the city of Novosibirsk to the city of Kemerovo are given hard enough. Road narrow, movement rather intensive, set of signs on restriction of speed and overtaking prohibition. To the east from the city of Kemerovo the road becomes empty, the landscape is gradually smoothed, and after the city of Achinsk becomes flat. The road becomes wider and better. If you do not plan to visit the city of Krasnoyarsk that go round it from the north, doing not call in in a city. Further, to the city of Kansk, speed falls – many trucks, steep slopes and descents a little. After the city of Taishet the asphalt road alternates with gravel. Further to the city of Tulun it will be better. Further it is necessary for you to go to the city of Irkutsk.

Irkutsk - Chita.

Federal highway M-55 "Baikal" Irkutsk — Chita (extent of 1113 km).
The city of Irkutsk. The loop road round a city is not present. Further the road M53 passes in road M55 and goes to lake Baikal. The road passes through mountain passes. Road close, movement recovered, abrupt turns, descents, liftings. Gasoline, meal, a lodging for the night and other household problems are quite solved. Highway M55 bends around lake Baikal about the south and some time goes along the most beautiful mountainous coast of this world famous lake. The excellent two-way highway is loaded a little, and average speed, despite a difficult relief of road, turns out high. After a city the Uhlan-udeavtomobilej meets a little. The considerable part of road from a city of Ulan-Ude to the city of Chita passes at height about 1000 m above sea level, without sharp liftings, descents and turns. Despite relative emptiness, automobile refuellings and cafe meet often enough. Further the road goes along border with Mongolia and China. The road passes in some places near to the Chinese border.

Chita - Khabarovsk - extreme adventures journey.

The asphalt road surfacing comes to an end through 138 km after the city of Chita. Here the most difficult site of a route Moscow-Vladivostok – a highway "Amur", Chita-Khabarovsk begins. The line "Amur" amazes with huge volumes of the done works: the cut through corridors in rocky hills, the embankments reaching 30-metre heights, a roadbed leaving for horizon. The asphalt covering on road meets seldom. It is a lot of dust and a dirt. The lodging for the night should be organised in the car or tent. Cellular telephones on áîëüøåé parts of a highway "Cupid" are useless. You can be helped by a C-B-radio communication. On it in all cities rescue services work. Range at good adjustment – to 40 km. The general channel for drivers in Russia – chanal N 15 (27, 130 MHz).

Khabarovsk – Vladivostok.

Asphalt appears only before the city of Birobidzhan and does not interrupt any more to the city of Vladivostok. Exceptions – repaired pieces of small extent. Last site of complexities does not represent – the brisk road is sated needful by service.

Some journey councils.

Before a trip make medical inoculations.
Take with itself the canister for gasoline which is better for holding always the full.
Take with itself in road one more spare wheel.
There are plentiful references on the Internet for all the major towns and cities along this trans-Russia route, so it would be a good idea to spend some time downloading information on accommodation options before you set off. See experienced travelers recommend.

Moscow – Vladivostok on the car 2009.

Here what responses managed to be found about road Moscow – Vladivostok.
Travel has been made on car Renault Megane in the summer of 2009.
The car has sustained a trip without malfunctions (short of two spoilt tyre covers).
The trip has occupied 8 days in one party and 8 days back.
Many fears have appeared unreasonable: criminals and gangsters on roads are not present; gasoline, cafe and workshops on repair of wheels on road is. Hotels are almost everywhere.
Impressions about a road condition.
The road from Moscow to Chita everywhere has an asphalt covering.
Between Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk (between the cities of Tulun and «Nizny Ingish» approximately 50 kilometres of road without an asphalt covering, but in a good condition.
In total on a line approximately 500 kilometres of road without an asphalt covering.

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