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Historical information.

The Russian Federation in modern borders exists since 1991. The beginning of modern Russia was necessary the basis of the Moscow princedom which Flag of Russia (Russian Federation)developed, extended, and in due course has turned to Russian empire. In 1917 the empire has broken up. A little bit later in territory of Russian empire there was a new state - Soviet Union. By 1991 the USSR included 15 union republics. In 1991 also Soviet Union has stopped the existence. The parts of USSR - republics became the independent states. The Russian Federation - a federative state. It is association more than 80 equal in rights regions, subjects of Federation.

Geografi information.

Russia - the greatest country of the world on territory. The area of its territory makes about 17,1 square kilometers. Arms of Russia (Russian Federation)It makes about 11,3 % of the general surface of a surface of the Earth. In territory of Russia live 2,7 % of the population of a planet. On number of inhabitants Russia takes the seventh place after China, India, the USA, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan. Russian Federation it is located at once in two parts of the world - the Europe and Asia. Approximately 23 percent of the territory of Russia are located in Europe, the remaining part (approximately 77 percent) belong to Asian. In the European territory of Russia lives 78% of the population. The Most part of the population of Russia (78 %) lives in its European territory, but the most part of territory of Russia is in the Asia.

Russia is the largest country in the world. Russian total area is about17 075 400 square meters (over 6.5 million square miles). It's situated in the Eastern part of Europe and Northern part of Asia, from Pacific ocean in east to Atlantic ocean in west. The territory of Russia spans through 11 times zones. When it is 15 o'clock in the west, it is midnight in the east. Russia has borders with 19 countris: Finland, Norway, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and North Korea by land, and with Sweden, Turkey, Japan and the USA by sea. Russia has various climate: from sub arctic and tundra climate in the north to sub tropical in the south. The largest rivers: Volga, Lena, Irtysh, Yenisey, Ob, Amur. The largest lakes: Caspean Sea, Aral'skoye More, Baykal, Ladozhskoye, Onezhskoye.Russia has many natural resource: oil, natural gas, coal, diamonds, gold and so on. Total population of Russia is about 140 000 000 people. Majority of population leaves in towns. Russian population consist of more then 100 nations. More of them is Russians. The official language is Russian. The national capital is Moscow. The official currency is ruble. The biggest towns are: Moscow, St.Peterburg, Nigniy Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Kazan, Novosibirsk and more others.

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