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Vyborg is a small Russian town near from border of Finland. It is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, about 120 km from St. Petersburg and 300 km from Helsinki. Vyborg belongs to the oldest towns of Russia. It was founded in 1293 the governor of Sweden Torgils Knutsson. Its long history was stormy and changeable - the town survived through many wars, was pertained to several countries. Many Finland citizens was born in Vyborg and Vyborg's region. They until consider Vyborg their own city, homeland. The most famous sight in Vyborg is mediaeval castle. Vyborg Castle is the only castle in Russia designed in the European tradition. There are the Museum of Vyborg History in the castle now and vyborg auto museum. The six permanent exhibitions of the museum cover different periods in the town and castle history. The Old Vyborg is very interesting for tourists too. About 600.000 tourists are visiting Vyborg every year.
You can start sightseeing from the Vyborg Castle. You can easily see magnificent sight from the castle's tower. After seeing castle and museum you can walk along waterside to Market Square where you can buy various goods and souvenirs. After shopping on the Market Square you can walk along Lenin Prospect towards Red Square. There is Red Square in Vyborg like Moscow. You will see City Park along of Lenin Prospect and many small shops along opposite side. Near the Red Square there is city library in the park. Library's building author is famous Finnish architect Aalvar Aalto. "Batareinaja Gora" hill is at and of the street and there is department store too.
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Vyborg is the great transport center.

Vyborg is the great transport center. People and goods from all part of Russia, Europe, Asia and America travel throw Vyborg and Vyborg's custom. Railway and automobile road pass through Vyborg in Finland. There is seaport in Vyborg too. Same works and factories are in Vyborg (for example Vyborg's shipyard, Rocwooll...) and there are many shops, restaurants, cafes, travel agency and banks too. There are some towns and big settlement in Vyborg region: Primorsk, Kamenogorsk, Svetogorsk, Roschino, Krasnoselskoe.  

Look a panoramic photo of an old part of a city more low. View on an old city from a tower of the Vyborg lock, a picture.