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Vyborg castle
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Photo from Peterburg
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Wish your travel in Russia?

Modern life is impossible without traveling. People become more and more mobile in the last years. It is possible for Russians to voyage around world now and it is possible fore your to make a trip in Russia now too.

Russia the greatest country of Eurasia.

Souvenirs sale in Petersburg.

Russia has many interesting things for everyone: magnificent buildings, palaces and churches and various, attractive nature. There are many places to see in Russia: thousands of natural, historical and cultural attractions in Russia, more than 30 nature national parks, almost two thousand museum, 79 museum-parks, 12 objects of cultural and natural value from various regions of Russia are included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Objects. It makes Russia tours very popular now. According to the forecast in these century Russia is among the ten most popular tourist countries of the world on an equal footing with China, USA, France, and Spain. Russia has good communication with other countries. International airports receive foreign guests in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Piatigorsk, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk, and other cities. There are many things to do in Russia: to visit concerts, to look sightseeing, play sports and go shopping. Security is important for your. According to the WTO data Russia is a safe country for tourism. According to the statistics of this organization, in Russia there have been recorded the least number of crimes against tourists. Internet gives possibility to know many interesting about Russia. But the best way to find out about our country and make acquaintance with people in Russia is to come here. 

Site about tourism and travel.

This site has been created for informing tourists from Russia leaving in Finland. On a site the information on Finland, on reception of the Finnish visa, on features is placed at crossing the Russian border. On a site the information useful to tourists is placed. There is an information on cities of Finland, on sights and hotels. Fans of shopping are not forgotten also. On a site the information on the most popular shops and advice to fans of shopping is placed. There is also a forum for fans of travel.

To tourists in Finnish.

At development of a site the information on Russia in the Finnish language has been added also. There are pages devoted to Petersburg and Vyborg. It is told about sights, also there are many photos. But the most popular pages of a site are also pages about the Russian shops and shopping centers. There is also a forum in the Finnish language.

About travel in English.

The last on a site had been created this section in English. You will find the information on the Russian cities of Petersburg and Vyborg in this section of a site. We shall watch interests of visitors of a site and to develop it adding the interesting information.

Russia for fans of extreme travel.
And Russians economy is growing now, but...
For more information about the Saint Petersburg, please visit the VISIT-PLUS St. Petersburg page.
It can be useful for tourists: St. Petersburg metro.

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