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Petersburg's underground (Metro).

The latest metro map is here

2009. It is new station in SPb metro and trafic scheme is little chainged.
It in new map on this page.
Petersburg metro station "Avtovo".

In many cases the most convenient kind of public transport in Petersburg is the underground (Metro). Very often to move on city by the underground more conveniently, more quickly, more cheaply and more safely, than on the personal car.

History information about the Petersburg underground.

The first projects of a construction of underground transport constructions in Petersburg concern to the beginning of XIX century. In 1820 engineer Torgovanov through has addressed to emperor Alexander I with the civil-engineering design of a tunnel under river Neva. Emperor has written the resolution on the offer: " To give out to Torgovanov 200 roubles and to oblige it to be engaged in more projects to be engaged. The first practical steps to a construction of the Leningrad underground have been made in 1939. But during the second world war construction have stopped. Works on construction of the underground have renewed in 1945. on November, 6th, 1955 there was a first train, and regular passenger transportations on November, 15th have begun. The underground has been opened. Construction of the underground proceeded all Construction of the underground proceeded all the next years.

Some data on the Petersburg underground as of 2007.

Metro station "Gragdansky Prospekt".

The general extent of lines -105,6
Quantity of lines - 4
Quantity of stations - 60
Quantity of carriages - 445
price (1 ticet 2009) - 20 rub, about 0.4 euro

Scheme of the Petersburg underground (Metro).

The location of metro stations.

Look also one more map of the city of SanktPetersburg with the designated arrangement of lines and metro stations. St. Petersburg undeground map. It will help you to find a proper place in Petersburg and to plan the route.

  Scheme of the Petersburg underground

Moskov metro map in Russian.

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